I do not think you’ll understand this, because many of you have met Cody at least once or more and Google Translator its not very good, but it’s sad when you love an artist as much as all his fans, but unlike many of them, you never had the chance to hug him or watch his show. And it’s even sadder when you see these fans who have had the opportunity to meet him making fun of you for being from another country. Photos of you hugging him, videos, posts … you have any idea how hard it is? This photo, which I by the the tweets from many of you “means nothing”, gave us a little hope that one day our chance will come. Many of the Brazilian angels, like me, are in this fandom for a long time. We are with Cody for so long as the owners of the “biggest fan clubs” for him. Would mean a lot to us if some of you could try to put in our place and understand this before make fun of us. But thank you for all the sweet Angels that supported us.

Thank you if you have read it until the end even with the mistakes of google translator and my bad english. If you understand or agree with what I wrote, it would be nice to pass it on.

Anonymous: cylie or cogi?

i like cogi, but love cylie love love love <3 hahahhhahahaha


@CodySimpson: Aussie throwback: 3 of the coolest and kindest blokes on earth. Still remains one of the best nights of my life. Jack dedicated Bubble Toes to me on stage. @andrew50watt @jackjohnson @_bradsimpson


@CodySimpson: back with this one! coming back to perform on the dancing with the stars finale. preparing a cool version of Surfboard.

Cody Simpson at KCA’s through the years


@CodySimpson: Coachella throwback son

Instagram 83/?

Anonymous: Is Gigi and Cody over? If so please explain what happened between them. Thank u

yes, http://www.justjaredjr.com/2014/05/05/cody-simpson-gigi-hadid-call-it-quits-exclusive/

Cody Simpson headers for new twitter


Cody stopping by the dance studio for Dancing with the Stars Finals Practice 


My loveeeeeeee ❤️


Alli: my brother, my best friend