When the silence is everything that I can hear, I remember all the smiles that you took from me and I ask myself if I would know how to live without you here, if I would know how to forget you, if i would know how to explain the world how this love has being growing every second. Its impossible even think to try to forget you. Your music filled every empty space of my heart. You taught me that is not wrong to love someone who’s not near you, you made me smile when the world wanted to see me crying, you made my heart beat again. In somehow I thank you, I don’t know if you have ever read any of my tweet, I don’t even know if you have ever smiled reading my messages. I live in the uncertainly of an real life and a dream life. But I’m sure that I will always be proud that you were the one who taught me about love. Your my prince. And my “fairytale” started when I met you. You call me angel, but for real you are the one who protect me, you make me invincible. Even though the world is against of this love, even though my strength one day will be gone, I will be there for you. You was the best chapter of my life. Sometimes I wish I could protect you, I wish I could say “i love you” to you how many times you want. When you are sad, It hurts a thousand times more on me. Even though you have never noticed me, It hurts to be ignored by the boy I love, but it will cut my soul a thousand times more if I would need to live without you. One time I wished I could fly, but you made me met the sky without taking my feet out of ground. I know you will probably don’t read this, but there’s a girl who will give her life for you, who would give up on everything to see you happy. I prefer seeing your smile a thousand times, than stop my tears. I love you, always know this, till the death.. Maybe more than after my heart stop beating. And when they ask what I have most loved, I will say with my eyes in tears, with certainly, and proud of it: Cody Robert Simpson <3 

With love, Manu. 

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